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Upgrade Your Bedroom With These Baddie Apartment Ideas

You’ve been dreaming of an aesthetic bedroom glow-up, but don’t know where to start. Those boring beige walls and hand-me-down furniture just aren’t cutting it anymore. It’s time to transform your bedroom into a baddie sanctuary with chic decor that sparks joy and screams self-care. In this article, you’ll discover easy apartment bedroom makeover ideas to create a space that inspires you daily. From mood lighting to comfy new bedding, we’ll share baddie-approved tips to upgrade your rest and relaxation zone on a budget. Get ready to DIY and shop your bedroom into a modern, stylish oasis you’ll never want to leave. The transformation awaits – let’s get started!

Define Your Style: What Is a Baddie Aesthetic?

The baddie aesthetic is all about confidence, edge, and attitude. If you want to channel your inner queen and make a stylish statement, the baddie look is for you. Think: sleek, daring, and unapologetic.

Fierce and Unapologetic

Baddies embrace bold styles without excuses. Leather, animal print, mesh, and latex fabrics are staples. Don’t be afraid of bright colors, plunging necklines or high slits. Pair an edgy top with fitted bottoms to balance the look. Statement accessories like chokers, nameplate necklaces or hoop earrings complete the attitude.

Glam With an Edge

Baddies bring glamour with grit. Think: smoky eyes, glossy lips, and sharp contour. A slick high ponytail or asymmetrical cut amplify the drama. Metallic or jewel-tone eyeshadows and liner give a smoldering finish. Pair a vampy lip with dewy skin and brushed up brows.

Streetwear Inspired

Streetwear merges high fashion with casual comfort. Crop tops, joggers, and bomber jackets in luxurious fabrics and prints are signature. Sneakers, especially chunky or embellished pairs, anchor the laid-back vibe. Cap or beanie optional.

The baddie look is made to turn heads. But the real heart of the style is the attitude – unapologetic confidence from the inside out. Once you embrace that inner fire, the bold fashion choices become a natural reflection of your fearless spirit. Strut your stuff, queen. The world is your runway!

Layout and Furniture Must-Haves for a Baddie Bedroom

A Statement Bed

A baddie bedroom needs a bed that makes a statement. Choose an eye-catching headboard, like a tufted velvet or leather option, or go all out with a canopy bed draped in luxurious fabrics. Platform beds are sleek and modern, or for boho vibes try a bed with a wooden frame and woven accents. Whatever you choose, make your bed the focal point of the room with a stylish bed frame and lush bedding in your favorite colors.

Plush Pillows and Throws

Pile on the pillows and cozy up with soft throws and blankets. Faux fur, knitted and velvet pillows in a variety of shapes and sizes create a stylish but inviting look. Fold a throw at the end of the bed or drape it over a bench or chair for a decorative touch. When it’s time to snuggle in for the night, you’ll have pillows and blankets galore to get perfectly comfy.

A Place to Lounge

A baddie bedroom needs a lounge area for reading, chatting with friends or just relaxing. Add a chaise lounge, armchairs or a small sofa along with a side table to create a cozy lounge space. An ornate rug helps define the area while adding warmth underfoot. For smaller bedrooms, a padded bench at the end of the bed can work as impromptu lounge seating.

Storage Furniture

While you want your baddie bedroom to look glam, you still need storage for all your stuff. Opt for a dresser, chest of drawers or wardrobe in a style that matches your room’s vibe. Gold accents, mirrored fronts or luxe hardware and knobs upgrade basic storage furniture. Tuck smaller storage pieces like a jewelry armoire or vanity table into any unused corner space. Keeping clutter out of sight will help your bedroom look and feel more stylish.

With a statement bed, plush textiles, a dedicated lounge area and stylish storage solutions, you’ll have all the makings of a baddie bedroom to call your own. Add in decorative accents like art, mirrors, candles or string lights for the perfect finishing touches. Your new baddie bedroom will become your favorite place to relax in style.

Fabulous Baddie Bedding and Bedroom Decor

Whether you’re going for a minimalist or glamorous baddie style, you need some statement pieces in your bedroom to complete the look. Start with luxe bedding in metallic colors or animal prints to make a bold first impression.

Gold Everything

Channel your inner queen with gold bedding, pillows, and decor. A gold duvet cover and sheet set is an easy way to get the look. Add gold sequin or velvet pillows for some glitz and a gold wire headboard to tie it all together. Gold wall decor like a metallic palm leaf wall sculpture helps carry the theme through the whole room.

Faux Fur Fabulous

Faux fur is the ultimate baddie bedroom accent. Use a faux fur blanket or throw at the foot of your bed for a plush focal point. Faux fur pillows in colors like hot pink or red are a fun way to incorporate pops of color. For extra coziness, you can’t beat a faux fur rug on each side of the bed.

Get Wild With Animal Print

Whether you prefer cheetah, leopard or zebra, animal print bedding is a baddie must-have. Start with an animal print duvet cover and sheet set, then add coordinating throw pillows, a plush blanket, and rug to create a wildly glamorous sanctuary. Keep the walls and major furniture in solid colors so the print remains the star.

A few final touches like string lights, candles, a vanity table and a full length mirror will complete your baddie bedroom. Now all that’s left to do is take some selfies in your new space and unleash your inner diva. Your upgraded room is the perfect backdrop for showing off your hottest lewks on the ‘gram.

Create Atmosphere With Lighting and Wall Art

Invest in Mood Lighting

Dimmable lighting is key for setting the mood in your bedroom. Get table and floor lamps that provide ambient, indirect light. For the evenings, switch to lower wattage bulbs that emit a warm, yellowish glow. You can also install dimmer switches on your overhead fixtures or install smart bulbs that you can control with your voice or an app. With the ability to dim your lights, you can make your space cozy and intimate whenever you want.

Display Statement Art

Fill your walls with art that makes a statement and reflects your style. For a baddie look, consider neon signs, metal or lighted wall sculptures, or large-scale contemporary paintings. Black and white or sepia-toned photography depicting natural scenes or cityscapes would also be a great choice.

Group several smaller pieces together on one wall for maximum impact. You can also paint one accent wall a deep, dramatic color to create a focal point in the room. Then accessorize the wall with art, shelves, mirrors or wall sconces. The key is to not overcrowd the space, so choose wisely and opt for bigger pieces when possible.

Add Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors instantly make a space feel more open and luxe. Hang a large mirror on the wall behind your bed frame or opposite a window to reflect natural light. You can also group two or three smaller mirrors together on a wall to create the illusion of more depth and dimension in your room.

For the ultimate baddie look, choose mirrors with unique frames, like arched metal frames, leather-wrapped frames or frames adorned with gemstones, crystals or metallic embellishments. The mirrors themselves can also be cut into interesting shapes for extra drama. With the right mirrors, your bedroom will exude glamour and sophistication.

Between statement lighting fixtures, bold art and decorative mirrors, you have everything you need to transform your bedroom into a lush retreat perfect for any bad and bougie girl. Make the space your own by choosing pieces that showcase your unique style and personality. Your upgraded bedroom will become your new favorite place to unwind in style!

Accessorize and Style Your Space Like a Baddie

Add Statement Pieces

Baddies know how to make a statement. Look for accessories that pop like a neon sign, such as a plush velvet chair in a vibrant hue, a furry rug in leopard print, or an oversized mirror with an ornate gold frame. These eye-catching pieces will give your space that luxe, dramatic vibe you’re after.

Layer in Texture

A baddie’s space is all about decadence. Layer in lots of lush textures with a faux fur throw blanket, silk pillows, a chunky knit pouf or floor cushion. The more texture the better. These cozy touches will make your room feel stylish yet inviting.

Strategic Lighting

Don’t underestimate the power of lighting to set a mood. Place dimmable floor and table lamps around the room, and swap out harsh overhead fixtures for pendant lights or soft ambient bulbs. The low, sultry lighting will make your space feel straight out of a music video.

Embrace the Glam

No baddie’s bedroom is complete without a healthy dose of glamour. Add touches of shimmer with a metallic side table, gilded mirror, bejeweled trinkets or a sparkly chandelier. Velvet, silk and satin are also luxurious, glamorous fabrics that will give your bedroom a fancy, boudoir-like feel.

Keep it Clutter-Free

While baddies embrace opulence, their spaces are not messy or cluttered. Make sure to declutter surfaces and keep floors clear. A clean space will allow all those glamorous, statement-making pieces to shine through. Stash away knickknacks, papers and other clutter in concealed storage furniture like an ottoman with a lift-top lid. Your inner diva will thank you.

With a few well-chosen accessories and design touches, you’ll be chilling in a space as bold and fabulous as you are. Now that’s living like a baddie.


So there you have it – some simple yet stylish ways to turn your basic bedroom into a baddie boudoir. With a few new pieces, a fresh coat of paint, and a dose of creativity, you can craft a space that’s chic, comfy, and totally Instagrammable. Just remember – you don’t have to break the bank. Focus on a few key elements like lighting, art, and linens to elevate the look. And don’t be afraid to think outside the box and make it your own. A bedroom should be a personal sanctuary that reflects your unique style. So get creative, girl! Make it cute, make it cozy, and most of all, make it you. Now get out there and start designing your dream baddie bedroom. You got this!

Taking your bedroom to baddie-level requires a strategic approach. Focus on a few essentials to create the perfect blend of style and comfort.

Add a Dash of Color

Paint one or two walls in a bold color like emerald green or ruby red. This is an easy way to instantly change the vibe of your space. Pair the bright wall with neutral furniture and bedding for balance. Consider colorful artwork or wallpaper for extra flair.

Invest in Soft Bedding

Upgrade your duvet cover, sheets and pillowcases to luxurious fabrics like silk or satin. Go for rich, dark tones like maroon, navy or chocolate brown. Add extra pillows in coordinating colors for a plush, inviting look.

Bring in Pattern and Texture

Throw pillows and blankets in chevron, leopard print or other statement patterns add instant style. Choose masculine fabrics like tweed, linen or velvet to give the room a more androgynous edge.

Add Dim Lighting and Fragrance

Dimmable table lamps and scented candles create a moody atmosphere that says “stay awhile.” Try aromas like sandalwood, vanilla or jasmine to transport you to a faraway boudoir.

Hang Meaningful Artwork

Curate artwork and decor that represents your unique sense of style and interests. Black and white prints, colorful abstracts and modern shapes will complement your baddie aesthetic.

With these simple yet transformative design tricks, you’ll soon be lounging in the boudoir of your dreams. Your bedroom should reflect who you truly are – unleash your inner baddie and make it happen.



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